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Do not regret it! Tips for maintaining all kinds of fabric clothes!

Do not regret it! Tips for maintaining all kinds of fabric clothes!


As life is getting better and better, people have more and more types of clothes, so washing these clothes is a very important issue. The different fabrics of each clothes will cause different cleaning methods, and each clothes must be done well. Take care, or you won’t be able to wear it. Therefore, when people maintain clothes, they need to perform corresponding maintenance according to the fabric conditions of each garment. Let's take a look together below!

Tips for maintaining all kinds of fabric clothes

1. Down jackets can be hand-washed and machine-washed.

In winter, everyone puts on down jackets. Down jackets are lighter and very warm. They don’t look heavy and don’t feel cold in winter. Then this kind of down fabric is used. Down fabrics can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Wash, pay attention to the color fading.

2. The baseball jacket can be machine washed.

Baseball jackets are made of cloth, especially the sleeves. When washing clothes with a machine, you must pay attention to whether there are any sharp things inside. Girls now wear clothes with brooches. Don’t forget to take them off. Scratch the baseball jacket and the clothes will be damaged.

3. Send leather clothes to the dry cleaners.

There must be a few leather clothes in every girl’s wardrobe. They are relatively high-end, with comfortable fabrics and expensive. If this high-quality leather clothes are washed at home, it is really easy to wash out. It is best to go to a dry cleaner that specializes in washing leather clothes and ask professionals. It is a wise choice to come to wash.

4. Hand wash silk clothes.

Silk fabrics are very soft fabrics. In ancient times, it was possible to use silk fabrics in palaces. It was only affordable by wealthy people. The fabrics are comfortable and soft. This kind of clothes must be washed by hand, preferably in cold water. Never use a machine to wash, it will wrinkle.

5. Wool clothes should be washed by hand.

In autumn and winter, everyone likes to wear woolen sweaters. Wool is a relatively warm fabric. For example, in the sketch, the sketch performed by Mr. Song Dandan, the wool is on the sheep. Then try to wash this kind of hairy things by hand, or wash it in the machine. The hair is dyed on other clothes and I can't get it off.

6. Do not use washing powder for jeans.

When washing the denim, you can use white vinegar to bubble it first, which can make the jeans softer and fix the color so that it does not fade easily. Do not use laundry to wash the jeans, which will damage the jeans and look very wrinkled.

The above is about the maintenance of different fabrics clothes, everyone quickly learn!


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