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The clothing industry must know the fabric, the texture is great---knitted blended fabric

The clothing industry must know the fabric, the texture is great---knitted blended fabric


With the continuous progress of economy and society, people pay more and more attention to the improvement of the quality of life. Especially in the field of clothing, with consumers’ advocating and practicing slow and relaxed life, urban exquisite fashion has increasingly made people feel more fettered.

Blended knitted fabrics, combined with simple and distinctive modern aesthetics, with precision ribs, warm knit brushing, mineral texture yarns, faded knitted plain weave and other elements, bring a brand new feeling to fashion and leisure items, and ensure the comfort of clothing. At the same time, it also gives it a delicate and elegant atmosphere, which has become the main demand for clothing fabrics.




What kind of fabric is knitted blended fabric:

Knitted blended fabric, that is, blended chemical fiber fabric, is a textile product made of chemical fiber mixed with other natural fibers such as cotton, silk, hemp and other natural fibers.

It has both the style of polyester and the advantages of cotton fabrics, such as polyester-cotton cloth, polyester-wool gabardine, etc. It is a yarn composition. For example, blended polyester and cotton yarn, blended polyester and nylon, blended wool and polyester, blended acrylic and wool... etc.




It should be noted that knitted blended fabrics are knitwear blended with various yarns produced by knitting technology, which combines the advantages of polyester and cotton fabrics, and has the advantages of good elasticity, wear resistance and not easy to shrink. This advantage This makes the blended fabric very easy to handle no matter what the situation. However, blended fabrics also inherit their shortcomings. They cannot withstand high temperatures, cannot be washed directly with boiling water, and are easier to pilling.

Flexible lifestyle means that comfort and fashion will become the focus of knitted blended fabrics. Therefore, the main fabric trend of men's and women's knitted garments in autumn and winter in the coming year is of course not owned by the pointer blended "great".




Finally, attach some common basic ingredient abbreviations:

(1) C: Cotton

(2) W: Wool

(3) M: Mohair

(4) RH: Rabbit hair

(5) AL: Alpaca alpaca

(6) S: Silk

(7) J: Jute jute

(8) L: linen

(9) Ts: Tussah silk

(10) YH: Yark hair

(11) Ly: Lycra Lycra

(12) Ram: Ramine ramie

(13) Hem: Hemp

(14) T: Polyester

(15) WS: Cashmere

(16) N: Nylon nylon (nylon)

(17) A: Acrylic

(18) Tel: Tencel

(19) La: Lambswool

(20) Md: Model Modal

(21) CH: Camel hair

(22) CVC: chief value of cotton polyester to cotton ratio (polyester content less than 60%)

(23) Ms: Mulberry silk

(24) R: Rayon viscose

(25) CA acetate fiber

(26) CTA Triacetate Fiber

(27) CF synthetic fiber carbon fiber

(28) PEA elastic fiber

(29) PU Spandex

(30) ES polyethylene, polypropylene blend fiber

(31) Pvo


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