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Feizhi shoe material (upper and yarn) waterproof technology analysis, the effect is visible!

Feizhi shoe material (upper and yarn) waterproof technology analysis, the effect is visible!


The waterproof effect of shoe material yarn and woven sheet, the effect of lotus leaf is intuitively visible! Impact resistance

There are many kinds of shoe material fabrics, such as sports shoes, canvas shoes, leather shoes, sandals, etc. The shoe material fabrics used are not the same; there are huge differences in the fabric, so in terms of the function of the upper, there are more Variety! How do you get the functions of waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-fouling? Let XSY-C616 tell you.

One, shoe material yarn waterproof

Yarn waterproofing means that the yarn part must be waterproof, and then the waterproof yarn is knitted into a shoe upper; this method requires the yarn to be waterproofed without being hardened or broken. Condition. So how do you do this? The specific approach is as follows:

1. The yarn is dyed first, then washed, washed (clean water) twice, and then drained out of the vat

2, soaking in waterproofing agent XSY-C616 (10-40g/l), treatment at 60℃ for 30-50 minutes

3, out of the vat, bake at 120-150℃ for 1-3 hours after dehydration

The key points of the process:

1. Liquid entrainment rate: 70% (according to the type of fiber)

2, bath temperature: about 60℃

3. Drying temperature: 120-150℃

2. Waterproof shoe material fabric

Here we take the example of flying shoe materials. Flying shoe materials are mostly used in sports shoe fabrics. Flying weaving is a special high-tech weaving technique. Flying weaving is actually programmed on a computer in advance, and then intelligently Class yarns are woven out. Not only does it have good sports functionality, but also patterns and pattern changes have been applied to make the shoes neat and jacquard. The colors and styles are more appealing to young people and fashionable consumers.

The specific process is as follows:

1. Finishing method: adopt padding method

Soak the entire shoe material fabric in a waterproofing agent (10-40g/l) to ensure complete soaking, soak for 2-5 minutes; take out the tank for dehydration to ensure the liquid rate.

2, baking

Bake separately on the baking machine 150℃×1-3 minutes (according to the type of fiber); fast baking on the setting machine 170℃×1 minute (according to the type of fiber)


The pH value of the bath is 4-5 (adjusted with acetic acid)


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